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2008 FXT Sports slushbox
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Figured I'd make it official and post an intro. I'm a long-time member of several other Subie forums, including one that rhymes with "nasty sock." :grin2:

I bought my XT back in December from the classifieds here, but this is my 4th Subaru. All have been WRB. Aside from the first one, it has been coincidence each time. I knew my first Subaru HAD TO BE World Rally Blue. My last few cars:
  • 2005 WRX
  • 2010 STi
  • 2013 BRZ

This is my 8th vehicle. I still have my third as well, a 1967 Mustang hardtop. I recently sold my BRZ with a heavy heart...I loved driving that car, and I don't think many other cars can provide the same feeling, but the fact is I didn't need two impractical coupes and the Mustang ain't going anywhere, so I started looking for a Forester XT. I missed my previous AWD turbo Subies, but I needed more headroom being 6'4". My WRX (and BRZ) just didn't have enough room up top and I would rub the headliner. The STi had decent headroom, being a hatch, but some idiot decided to put the rear-view mirror just far enough down the windshield to be directly in my line of sight, so I still had to hunch over to see around it.

That left me with either a WRX wagon or FXT. I decided that a slightly-lowered Forester looks better than a stock height wagon, so here we are. Once I saw the Sports bumper, that was a no-brainer, but I do miss fog last 4 cars had 'em.

This FXT has a bunch of little things done. It came with a set of 2011 STi stock wheels with adapters, but I just ditched those and will be selling soon. She's currently rolling on some 17x9s from my BRZ and the 245/40 tires are way too short for this, but damn does it help with acceleration! Losing a few pounds per corner doesn't hurt, either. I'm currently shopping for a new set with 245/45-18. That should look pretty good with the Swifts.

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