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2004 XT Luxury Auto and Manual
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Hey guys, I bought a 2004 XT Luxury auto almost 2 years ago now and fell in love with the Foresters - I now own 3x a 2003 XT Luxury MT, 2004 XT Luxury AT and 2005 XT Premium MT pre-facelift - as these are the first cars I've ever owned and having always been working in IT :nerd: my mechanical skills are not on par with most of you guys but I have a keen willingness to learn and I consider myself a highly technical person! Love motorbikes as well, but cars have always been my thing.

If there is anyone around the Central Coast area in NSW, Australia that could lend some insight into 2x clutch replacements and 1x auto trans replacement before I delve deep into this forum, that would be greatly appreciated as these undertakings will be my first major work on these cars!

Keen to get into it! :grin2:

- Dan
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