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I am helping out some family by doing some of the landscaping, so I'm loading a gas lawn mower, trimmer, and blower into my Forester. The mower's pretty heavy, I'd estimate it around 80 pounds, but it's hard to grab to lift from the ground up to the cargo area.

Does anyone have a good recommendation for loading ramps? In the interim I've been using a piece of plywood I had handy, but it tends to slip downwards as I push, and I'm trying not to mess up the rear bumper too much.

They do have something like this:

But it seems like it's overkill. I'm literally never going to use it for anything but this. I mean, I could go buy two 2x4's if that's the ticket. Trying to avoid anything more than like $25 and preventing me from getting a hernia or back injury, lol.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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