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I recently replaced the discs and pads on my 04 STi and thought the following links might prove useful for some members on here...

Fronts came from a company called xspec and work out at around £250 for discs and pads. Thankfully a chap on ebay was selling a set he had bought and didn't need. I put in the minumum price and picked them up for a cheeky £105 all in :icon_cool:

xspec midland impreza hinckley rolling road - Subaru Parts & Price List

XS1012FR - front pads
XS3040 - front discs (100pcd)

The rears also came from an ebay seller... £99

SUBARU IMPREZA STI 01-04 BRAKE DISC & MINTEX PAS REAR on eBay (end time 30-Jan-10 17:22:30 GMT)

I've had them fitted about a month now and they are great. I replaced the fluid and lines while I was doing it but even considering that cost I think it ended up being a bargain!

Hope these links help someone.
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