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Lights OUT!

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AND.........another one bites the dust.

I am new here and just getting to know my way around the forum. I have replaced 5 lights now on my 2014 Forester and I imagine there are to come.
Our 14 Outback has been the same way. I have mastered the replacement on all of the exterior lights thanks to youtube. However, I haven't found a lot of videos on 14 Foresters.
I'm sure there is plenty of info here on the site about this matter because it seems everywhere I look, I see a suby with one eye.
Anyone have some light to shine on this topic? :grin2:

Is 14 a bad year?
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I have changed one of the tag light...brake light, rear marker light, two headlights and one of the smaller head lights since October.
In the outback, it's been EVERY single light. I'm just curious if this is a 14 thing or not.
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