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I'm in the process of increasing the protection and ground clearance of the Foz. I do lots of back road travel in winter with lots of drift snow, deep river crossings(sometimes too deep without snorkel) etc. Means to an end for back country ice climbing.

The way to go seems to be lifted King Springs and the 1" subtle solution spacers.

If this is done, are there any other considerations that are needed? Would shocks top out with this set up? I'm hoping to use the stock McPherson struts.

I'm hoping that if this set up works out that I can throw in some studded hakkapeliitta R's on there of 215/R70/16's. I am also throwing in a tire swing arm either from or something like this to accommodate a larger tire.

Has anyone had experience with Rasta before?

Their skid Plates look pretty sweet with all holes for fluid changes.

Any advice would be awesome, I'm hoping to get this all in before the winter hits up in Canada!!
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