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Lets talk about..... Bent Valves

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For everyone who doesn't bother to read the introductions, I just bought a 99 SOHC that jumped time. I took it apart and discovered that the passenger side head is 90 degrees (ccw if it matters) out of time.
My question is, what are the odds that the valves are bent?
Here is the data.
90 degrees out of time (timing mark at 9 when should be at 12)
Pulled the spark plugs, nothing appeared to hit them

Did I get lucky? Or is there some other way to check?

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Plugs don't hit the valves, the valves lap open and hit the piston.

Easiest way is to remove the valve cover and see if a valve stays open when the cam face is not depressing the valve. The valves should follow the cam lobe and a bent valve will only follow the lobe during the peak of the press.

Next easy way is to do a compression test.

Usually its intake valves that bend.
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