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I found out just the other day, and they can possibly do it for MUCH less than just about anyone else I also found out yesterday. My car was in for an alignment check and I just thought I would ask to see if Les Schwab does wheel bearings and they did. I have been saving up money to do my left rear bearings. I had the right rear done last year to the tune of $565.00, Les Schwab gave me an estimate of $265 for the left wheel bearing in a job estimate inclduing the 3 seals. I was stunned! I didn't know, or think they would be that reasonable. I was planning on spending another $560.00+ at the independant shop I have been taking my car to. Wow, that is slightly less than HALF as much as I paid at the indy. It pays to ask around I found out!:surprise::surprise:

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@Subguy58 I get my tires & wheels at Les Schwab, but I'm hesitance having any other work done there. I won't even let them align my wheels. I had a bad experience in the past where I had to go back several time to have then correctly align my "steering wheel"! They will make it right, but what a hassle! :mad:

Do some checking on customer complaints before having them do your wheel bearings. Some Les Schwab tire centers have a better reputation... better technicians than others...

Cheaper isn't always the best way to go! :wink:


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