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2003 XS Luxury Auto
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Hi guys. I have been driving around on a set of wheels that I love the look of and spent a long time finding to keep my car looking "stock" Subaru but making it look much sleeker.
They are the 18" Legacy (Liberty here in Aus) wheels that are 7.5" wide and a +55 offset.

The guy I bought them off had his Liberty slammed ridiculously hard and as such the tires are just about shot from crazy camber wear on the insides. They are a 225/40/18 size and are really worn.

As you can guess, now its time for me to buy tires for it. I want to go slightly higher on the sidewall too, up from a 40 to a 45.
My Forester is sitting at stock ride height currently, but in the garage I have a set of 07 WRX take-offs with pink STi springs installed ready to go under.

There is no tire rub now at all on the back with the 225's and +55 offset. However, I am wondering whether fresh tires and 4" of drop is going to change that! I am thinking of buying 3mm spacers for the rears, even though they're illegal in Aus, due to the Forester already being a +48 offset.

Basically, should I go a 215/45/18, or could I get away with 225/45/18?

Thanks for any input!
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