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LED turn signal without using resistor?

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Hi subi family,
I'm on the market for a reliable and bright LED turn signal bulbs. Most LED turn signal bulbs require the use of a resistor to prevent hyper flash/ blink and I've heard of some bulb sets that have the resistor built in. Does anyone have any suggestions on a decent plug and play LED turn signal kit that does not require a resistor kit and does not hyper flash?
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You can replace the flasher module in your car with an aftermarket unit that won’t hyperflash if you install LED turn signals. Then there will be no need for special resistors on each bulb and you can install any compatible LED bulb without ill-effects.
the use of a resistor to prevent hyper flash/ blink
The resistors are a very dirty inelegant way to prevent hyperflash. You may even need to mount the resistor to a piece of the vehicle body to get rid of the heat. For a 2018 it's easy to replace the blinker module with one that doesn't hyperflash when low-current bulbs are used. I used a TapTurn module in my 2018.

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