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LED driving lights - can't find a High beam trigger wire?

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Hi All, I bought my wife a my18 Forester which she loves. It has LED hedlights and I want to connect LED driving lights as well. Problem is I can't find a High beam trigger wire to turn on relay for Driving lights. I've had 2 auto elec'ies look and couldn't do it also. One said Toyota Prado's need an extra wiring harness to fit which I'm assuming the Forester will need too. I contacted Subaru Australia an they basicly fobbed me off by saying they didn't know the details of our car so couldn't help, problem is I supplied the VIN number as well, they should have known more about the car than us with the VIN. Googling hasn't helped, do LED Headlights have a shutter like HID lights or do they just turn on more LED's for highbeam. On my wifes last car I was able to tap into the shutter wire for Highbeam trigger. I have been eyeing off the Subaru Outback for my next car but with my country driving and having damaged 3 cars with Kangaroo damage I won't buy a car that I can't fit Roobar and Spotlights. Sorry if this abit long winded but any help would be Greatly appreciated,cheers John.
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I have done it on my 16 Forester. You have to wrap a wire around a terminal on the light relay. (Use thin speaker wire, as it can slip past the relay and it's holder) then run this trigger to your auxillary light relay. Very simple and non destructive.

Here is some photos, of course always check with a multimeter to ensure it suits your setup.

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