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Launch Mode MY'18 XT?

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so there is no launch mode in the 2018 forester xt? in my 2016 it worked fine. now it doesnt work at all? did they take it out? can i get it back?
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Elaborate. What are you trying to do now that is ending up different than the same procedure did before?

There was no OEM official 'launch mode' on any previous year of of the FXT, but Subaru certainly could have changed some programming with preserving the CVT in mind. Launching this car seems like a quick ticket to the CVT replacement shop, even on a stock engine map
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Are you saying that you can no longer left-foot the brake and right-foot the gas?
I am not quite so sure your CVT would appreciate that even if you did find a launch mode....
CVT= no launch
While 0-30 time is not great comparing to other 2.0t , 5-60 is better than most of the "premium" compact SUV with 2.0t
I treat my XT with respect and kindness, and lots of baths.
I saw all the videos and also wondered about this but I really don't see a need to do this because the CVT will eventually go and I'm not trying to come out of pocket.
The 18 will allow you to hold the brake and give her gas at the same time
The 18 will allow you to hold the brake and give her gas at the same time
You can do that with any auto (captain obvious here). The question is not can you? Its should you?
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