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Went out for the last lapping event of the year (boo) but had a blast none the less. I was a bit apprehensive since the temps were at the freezing mark which is a bad thing for traction. Turns out I was able to warm the tires up sufficiently and after my first run session I felt perfectly comfortable pushing it.

Went out with a mixed bag of cars, 2 WRX's, Mustang GT's, Corvettes, Supra Turbo..... and a few track cars - BMW & Miatas. Took 2 newbs with me, one in the WRX and one in a Corvette. Think I got these guys hooked now !!

My buddy in the WRX, that's me coaching play by play to the track. He spins first lap but not hard off .

YouTube - Shannonville Subaru Impreza 18-10-2009 A

YouTube - Shannonville Long Track - Subaru Impreza 18-10-2009 B

And me, doing a few laps around the block.

YouTube - Subaru Forester XT - Shannonville Long Track 2009 10 18 Session02a

On the first video I'll closing in on Jason in teh WRX. Just after 3:40 when we're coming around the last LEFT hand corner before the straightaway it looks like his WRX was spitting a few flames.

YouTube - Subaru Forester XT - Shannonville Long Track 2009 10 18 Session02b

Just after 1:50 there's a *** moment with 2 cars coming off the first corner from the straightaway (look to your right)

4:25, I get overtaken by the BMW with the massive wing. While this wasn't an official passing zone I saw him pulling hard behind me and signaled to pass. It was enough of a straightaway to do it safely with tons of room. I then tried to hang on and mimic the lines. That didn't last very long....
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