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1998 GLS All weather pack
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Firstly, apologies if this is elsewhere. I did a search under lambda and I got seven pages of threads. Most of which I've read and have no relation to what I'm needing to know :icon_frown:

My '98 failed it's MOT on emissions. The HC level was ok but the CO was through the roof on fast idle test. When I bought the car, the seller told me something about the Lambda sensor being disabled so that was the obvious culprit. The universal fitting part has 3 wires, where mine has only 2. Subaru want £210+VAT for a replacement oe. Is there any universal fitting that will work?

I've been on the phone to every electrical motor factor and online cat/lambda supplier I can find. I do have a second Forester off the road which might or might not have a working sensor. Trouble is, it's been parked over grass for nine months and after the sensor on the other car taking three and a half hours to get off, I don't fancy my cahnces. Alternatively, I could drop the whole front pipe off but, again, I have no guarantee this section hasn't been b***ered by sitting idle.
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