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KYB AGX/Eibach Pro Kit

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Hey everyone! I was wondering if someone could shed a little light or point me in the right direction with this. I have a 2001 Forester L and I have a set of KYB AGX struts and Eibach lowering springs lying around my garage from my late 2000 Impreza wagon. Would these work in my Forester?? If so, do I have to make any additional mods or will they just go right in no problem?
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No one has tried this before??
Edit: After typing out my response I realized you want to use GC parts. I know for sure that GD shocks and springs bolt up but unfortunately I'm not familiar with the GC stuff.

GD parts will work, but with Impreza lowering springs it's going to be pretty low. You'll end up with moderate bump steer, manageable but not good for spirited driving. To do it properly you'll want to get a Whiteline roll center adjustment kit. This will help correct the messed up geometry caused by dropping it so much. If you have a manual, you can also remove the front subframe spacers to fix the geometry, but for auto cars the spacers have to stay in place. You'll also want to add spacers to the rear shocks, otherwise the car will sag in the rear. This is especially important if you're using Impreza sedan springs. Wagon rear springs are slightly stiffer but may also require spacers,
Oh alright. So you think I would be better off selling what I have and buying GD takeoffs?
Yea that is probably going to be the best option. You can pick up a GD setup for cheap either here or on nasioc.
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