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Ksport Kontrol Pro coilovers didn't agree well with light offroading

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So, I decided to go play on some dirt road after it rained for about a half hour. A little drifting here and there and some rough spots. Eventually, things went awry. Now, I have this. My front passenger side top hat is destroyed, and both passenger side pillow balls are sheared


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Wow. Thats not good. Usually with coilovers, they have a disclaimer to say they are for "off road use only". They probaly didn't mean that, but technically thats what you used them for.
Wow, definitely not a good result.
I would contact K-Sport or Fortune Auto to see if either of them can help rebuild them, or perhaps K-sport will do good to keep positive PR on their side.
wow thats definitley sketchy ;p how long ago did you purchase them?
Off-road doesn't always mean...dirt.

I always thought those were for smooth road surfaces.

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They are Street coilovers. I just didn't expect them to do this lol

I don't know when they were purchased. They were on the car when I bought it back in late August.

I'm not getting them fixed. I'm just going to replace them with D2 Racing Circuit Series coilovers
This Fozzy won't be "rallied" anymore though. I'll wait to get another and put some D2 gravel rally coilovers on it :D
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