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i am going to keep this short. i feel bad because im only using this forums for compliants/problems too...

anyway, here is a list of things thats happened with me, with kirby subaru of ventura, California.

1) last year they sold me a used forester that broke down on the way home. my salesperson blamed it on me.

2) that same used forester had a gash in the tint that was covered by the pricing sticker. i only found out about it after i had bought the car and they took the sticker off.

3) they have the wrong vin of my car in their computer, and refuse to listen to me in changing it. this is partly because they sold me a second used forester after the first broke down. they gave me a free subaru sweatshirt for my week of troubles.

4) they replaced the wrong parts when I brought it in for an error code i got. i found out, because i researched the code at home and fixed it myself, with the help of everyone here. they charged me 250.

5) the final straw is they told me they rotated my tires the last time i was there, but they only rotated two of them. i checked the tread when i got home. i was wondering why my car was pulling to the right and making tire noise.

ive been keeping these complaints inside me, but ive had it with their incompetence. i dont care how many positive reviews they have on google, they pulled a fast one on me one too many times and now i have to go to a dealership twice as far because i dont trust them.

anyway...anyone who goes might have a better experience than me. my experience was pretty crappy though.
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