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Subaru is in the midst of a large recall of cars due to exploding shrapnel passenger front airbags.
According to the site, some interesting information is provided...

"What should I do until the repair for this recall can be performed?
If you are unable to preclude passengers from riding in the front passenger seat, please be sure to ask your Subaru retailer about possible options for alternative transportation until your vehicle is repaired. "

How convenient.
Maybe a sticker on the dash "Don't sit here unless you like shrapnel in your face" would help in the meantime...

There is also some misinformation:

"Do I have to wait for a recall repair notice before I can have my vehicle fixed for this recall issue?
Yes. Due to parts scarcity and the NHTSA-identified priority areas, vehicles are being handled in the order they are recalled."

I was NOT notified of the risk by Subaru.
I looked up my Vin, verified I have a potentially fatal component in my vehicle, and called the local dealer.
I've got an appointment. It was nice that Subaru doesn't bother to send out a notification mentioning that the front passenger seat is unsafe to sit in.
Apparently they would rather wait until they can conveniently replace the grenade with an airbag.

If you have a vehicle subject to recall, you might want to call them unless you really don't like that person sitting next to you....

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No offense, but where have you been the past few years? Takata screwed the pooch for MANY makes, not just Subaru. Action has and will continue to be taken based on risk. Those with older airbags who live in humid areas were taken car of first, then manufacturers began working their way forward.

As far as I know, newer vehicles were still being built with affected airbags, because they didn't have a viable alternative, and that they will very likely be replaced some time in the future, when replacement parts are available and the risk of component degradation is high enough to warrant immediately replacement.

As far I what I read before mine was replaced in an '08 Civic last year, the risk is real enough that they don't want literal blood on their hands, but not so much that we were overly concerned about it. I just made to get it replaced before I sold it to family, because I figured they might wait a long time.

I haven't done any more reading after I got my '08's replaced, but I won't be surprised when I receive a notice for each of our newer Subies ('14 FXT and '15 Legacy)
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