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I have a 2017 Subaru Forester 2.5L Touring edition that until last month had performed flawlessly. Last month I went car camping. After sleeping in the car, in the morning the car would not start at all. I had to jump start it. Once back home, I took it to the dealer to check on the problem. Battery was ok, and there was no problem there. The tech guy said there was some software issue with the starter providing power to the battery. All was fixed.

Last week I left town again and went car camping. I slept in the car, and in the morning the car wouldn't start.

Looking at the common factors here, it seems that sleeping in the car with the keyless entry key inside the car is causing some issues. Does anyone know if there is a problem in keeping the keyless entry in the car? I know that the keyless entry does detect proximity because when I walk up to the car, the side-assisted lights in the mirror come on to illuminate the areas around the doors. Perhaps that causes problems overnight with the key in the car.

Does anyone know what could be reason for this problem?


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