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I was so fed up with the stock stereo. With the budget I had, It wasn't good enough for me to install a touch screen stereo. However, after Crutchfield. The best price is to buy Kenwood DPX 503. I bought the DPX 503 with bluetooth, XM Tuner, and HD Tuner. It turns out once you have the XM Tuner on, you can't install the HD Tuner. I also bought the JDM AV Panel to replace the stock panel to make it more stock. I got it all installed BestBuy, but take me two trips. It wasn't the BestBuy guys fault through. It turn out the XM tuner I bought (Audiovox XM Direct 2 Universal Mini-Tuner) cannot be programmed.

The electronic guy at BestBuy told those tuner sucks and take him more then 2 hours and still cannot to program and I looked it up online. There is a lot complain about that tuner, so If anyone interested to install a XM Tuner, don't buy that one. Instead, you should buy the XM Direct XMD1000 Universal Tuner and XMDKEN100 XM Direct Kenwood Smart Adapter KENXMD100.

I finally get that install today and work perfectly fine. The BestBuy route the antanna for me to put it on the back of the car.

Anyway, the unit itself is already way better then the stock unit. One feature on this unit is you can customize the backlight of the unit and it can change to a different color invidually. I had it all blue to match the panel. They have few ways to display the text. I just choose the one that make the word the biggest for me to read.

Now I'm just waiting for my next paid check and buy the OEM sub. :biggrin:
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