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As a rule I don't like stop leak potions nor do I recommend them, BUT...................

I have a 2001 Forester that was basically given to me Sept 2018. It came with the dreaded yet very common head gasket leak. In my case I leak coolant to the outside. Every Saturday morning I add about a cup of 50/50 mix and I'm good for next week. No overheating problems whatsoever

I'm out of town a lot and I was afraid another family member would drive the Forester and forget to add coolant, so I bought a quart of K&W Fiberlock Gasket & Block Repair. As I began to pour it in I changed my mind and stopped after only maybe half a cup at the most. It was a very small amount. I'm sitting here now holding the almost-full quart bottle.

I swear to you I have not had to add another drop of coolant in weeks. I shudder to think what I might have clogged up had I added the entire quart.

Again, I generally don't like stop leak potions but if you are in dire straits and have absolutely zero options, this stuff might be a decent temp fix for you. Just be careful
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