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2005 Lifted 2.5 XT 5-Speed MT Dual-Range
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I paid very close to the same amount for my 04 XT a little over a year ago with 68,000 miles. So I'm thinking it's a fair price. The XT is one amazing vehicle. Have fun!

Some tips....

Change diff fluids.....easy.
Change tranny fluid.....easy to drain, pain to fill (the dipstick is under the intercooler)
Change the engine oil.......easy.
Change the air filter......easy.
Change the plugs with Iridiums......time consuming and tedious, but not hard.
Service the brakes (turn/replace rotors and pads if needed) new fluid and bleed brakes......easy.
Check/Change power steering fluid (it should be red, not brown)

Then give the car a good clay bar and wax and you'll be good to go.
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