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1998 forester
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[a camshaft position actuator bank1 and bank2]

Most everything under the hood has under a years worth of miles on it. 17,000 ish

I have been beating on it lately with doing doughnuts in the snow, drifting, lots of high rpm stuff but the sound happened just driving down the road the day after.

Heard I high pitched whirring sound for a quick second but car continued to run normal. On the way home. About 40 miles later it made it again. (My girlfriend and I both say it sounds like an old toy but can't think of the name)

If I didnt hear the sound or see the check engine light I wouldnt know anything was wrong with the car

Codes came on after first sound. Cleared them and the codes didn't come on for the whole ride home. Cars gonna sit till I can take it to my mechanic Monday

Everything I read says it's either a cheap easy fix. To replacing the belt. To having a destroyed turbo/engine?

Was hoping for advice/ideas what it is till then. Maybe someone has gone through this experience?
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