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2007 Forester X
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Hey everyone. Greetings from Central/Upstate New York.

Wife has an 05 XS with about 60k.
I have a 07 X Premium with about 65k.

I drive mine 100+ miles commuting each weekday to/from Albany. No mods, but I do have a SkyFi 3 XM radio (vent-mount) using AUX input and a TomTom GPS that I use in the cubby.

Would like to someday make the GPS mount a little more permanant. Right now, I stick the suction to a CD-case in the cubby, which holds it in place, and the cubby stays open while driving.


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Welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

Post up pictures of your Foresters so the members can look them over. :wink:


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Welcome to a truly great forum.

Nice idea of using a CD case in the cubby.

Last year the girlfriend used mine daily for house calls, had the suction cup mounted to the lower left portion of the windshield. After two months when I went to retrieve it one day, I found it had literally bonded to the windshield, I tried all kinds of non-petroleum lubricants and it wouldn't budge. Eventually it tore away with rubber still stuck to the windshield. Moral of the story is - don't leave the suction cup attached to the window when you're not using the GPS.

Enjoy the forum, visit often.
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