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Just Bought a Used 2010 XT. Advice Please???

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Hello there!

New to the forum. Just bought a 2010 XT Premium with 149,000 km's on it (just iver 92,000 miles). Dealer maintained with oil changes every 5000km's. I'm planning to replace the timing belt in the next 10-20k. Just wondering what else I need to look out for in regards to common issues with this model of Forester. I've heard horror stories about head gaskets leaking but I keep finding mixed info about this problem with the 2010 XT's. Some say this specific model didn't have as many head gasket problems, and other say otherwise. I bought it because my wife and I hike & camp a lot in the rocky mountains up here in western Canada. Any advice or tips would be very helpful! Just want to know what you all think I should do first in regards to maintenance and checks. Thanks in advance!

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Head gaskets are much less an issue with XTs. At that mileage you should pay close attention to any turbo whining noises as the turbo going out will throw bearing material at your oil which will wear all other components. A pre-purchase inspection is a good investment before the sale, but can pay for itself after the sale as well if you find something that could lead to bigger problems down the road.
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