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MY04 X Manual
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Hi all,

A little info to start things off:

MY04 X trim
Australian model
Manual Transmission
170K km

I've had an issue develop in the last week of driving that I'm trying to diagnose.

During acceleration in lower rev ranges I experience some judder or jerkiness, similar sensation but not as severe to a learner driver kangaroo hopping the first time driving a manual or a rapid surge and loss of power.

Happens in all gears and at all speeds (below 3000rpm)
Becomes less severe and frequent between 2500 and 3000rpm and doesn't happen at all if accelerating and over 3000rpm
Happens most when shifting if the revs drop a bit, but is easy to replicate by dropping revs and then accelerating.
Doesn't happen at all when holding a constant speed
Acceleration doesn't need to be heavy to have this happen. You can put the car in cruise and bump the stalk up a few km and it will do it then.
Accelerating slowly and holding higher revs when shifting gears prevents the issue from occurring

Any ideas where I should be looking?

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