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2015 Forester 2.5L MT
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Looks like some good topics here.

This is the first Subaru that I've owned, and so far it has been a great vehicle. I purchased it used this January with 115,000km. From what I've heard that isn't bad mileage, but it was a good deal and I needed a good winter rider too. I was really looking for an Impreza, but this came up. I was surprised at my first oil check how much it went down, so I checked on here for an "oil thread", lots to read for sure. But it has been one of the best driving vehicles I've had, my old fav was my 2003 Honda Pilot.

Still having fun even after reading about the oil problem. I've varied my driving by not gearing down as much and will see if that has any reduced consumption.

Will check every now and again as I get familiar with what's what on here.

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