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Hey there everybody,

Thanks for looking at my page first off, My car is stock for the most part. I have been working on it here and there but with planning a wedding there is not a lot in the car fund anymore LOL. My journey to getting my car was a long and and hard road. I had number of cars before my black stallion now. I had a 99 Honda Prelude that was set-up for autox was low donkey hell and put so much more into it to get it stolen when it was in winter storage. Then got a 99 eclipse spyder GST 5spd with turbo. That was a fun car did the evo engine swap and the awd swap in the car for it to get flood on a rainy night on OSU campus (thanks to the lawn guys for fulling the sewer with trash so the roads flood and I get 6ins of water in my car and water just sitting in my turbo and my motors for my new top to be bad. So I test drove subaru left and right. Found some I liked looked at them closer to find the person before just killed it with dumb stuff like neons and bad installs on parts,etc. Then I ran into this car and I wanted something different to work on and it was a 5spd and it was hard to find that and a good shape one that didn't have food from 900 kids being in it. Got the car for a steal. TO BE CONTINUED
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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