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JDM Turbo - I need to replace my brakes and rad hoses

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Hello, I am now a new member of this awesome forum, but I've found it hard to search and find any info on what I'm looking for.. I currently own a JDM Turbo Ej205 Forester 1999. I joined this forum so that i can find more information on how to repair my Import Vehicle. I love my forester and am sad that I may have to get rid of it. I am aware of or w/e.. but and unsure whether the euro 1999 s10 is the car that is similar to my car since it doesn't list an option for jdm foresters.. currently I need assistance in replacing my brakes to the original parts.. not really interested in swapping out to new rotors discs and pads, would more likely want to just swap out for new rotors and pads. Secondly my Rad hoses are old and bulging but have had a nightmare of a time trying to replace them as the usdm version has a different rad hose. these are the two things I need currently as I moved to Alberta from BC, and will need them fixed before I switch to Alberta plates from bc plates, because i will be needing an out of province inspection to move it into Alberta Registration. >:) any help or assistance will be appreciated.
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