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So I’ve decided to do a write up of my mods. My mod list is not publicly open, and most is via PM’s. I have tons of mods, most being very subtle and not blingy, and then the bigger items blingy.

So here it goes, and I left the minor details off since the list would be double of what is already listed.

**Exterior(front to back)**
JDM Crossport front bumper (SG5) (with crossport fog surrounds not shown) – Modified to have JDM license plate area shaved by plastic welding
JDM Crossfire dealer option front bumper lip (SG5) – modified having side indentations/dimples shaved
JDM Crossfire fog light surrounds (SG5)
JDM Forester STI grill (SG9)
JDM Forester STI headlight surround (SG9)
JDM Forester STI HID head lights (SG9)
Polarg mirror amber bulb (signal)
JDM STI hood scoop (it’s just taller)
Carbing Impreza underpanel modified to fit
JDM Forester window visors
JDM mud guards (spats)
Outside door mirrors painted to match
C pillar outside trim painted flat black
MC (minor change aka MY06-08) Side skirts
MC (minor change aka MY06-08) Lower door moldings
JDM Forester Aero rear bumper
Elegant rear bumper protective plate
Rear spoiler
Rear trunk cover painted to match
PIAA mirror amber bulb (signal)
Cusco rear diffuser tray holder
Impreza STI rear diffuser

**Wheels & tires**
18x9 BBS LM’s w/lip polished and faces powder coated metallic grey (special edition color)
Red BBS center caps (52mm)
Red BBS lug nuts
245/40/18 Dunlop DZ101
AWD Fitted rolled fenders and trimmed fender liners

**Suspension and brakes**
STI Titanium/Aluminum front strut tower bar
Front STI Brembo calipers
APM front 2 piece rotors with J-hook grooves
Rear STI Brembo calipers
Stoptech rear slotted rotors
05-07 Impreza STI rear lateral links
Eibach Street coilover kit (KW Variant 1 shocks, Eibach progressive springs)
05-07 Impreza STI front and rear sway bars
GD Impreza Cusco carbon fiber rear strut bar

05-07 Impreza STI front and rear hubs/knuckles
JDM Forester STI 6 speed transmission w/o DCCD (long gear ratios)
R180 rear diff

**Interior & Stereo**
JDM Forester STI (M/C) gauge cluster
05 Impreza STI steering wheel & airbag
Dealer option center consol storage box
JDM Forester STI HVAC (heater controls)
JDM Forester STI/ US Forester XT center counsel hybrid (mix and matched pieces)
Impreza STI E-brake lever
Dealer option arm rest storage
Impreza Spec-C front seats (duel height adjustment)
Forester STI rear seats w/reclining rails
LED interior light bulbs
Pioneer BT90 headunit
10” Diamond Hex low profile sub in stock location

**Engine bay**
Apexi intake
Apexi intake box painted wrinkle black
APS turbo inlet tube
08 Impreza STI VF48 Turbo
08 Impreza STI TMIC
Impreza STI intake manifold
Tomei equal length headers
COBB Catted downpipe
Fujitsubo Impreza Legalis-R exhaust – modified to fit a Forester
ARC catch can
Prodrive oil cap
Prodrive battery holder
Zerosport radiator plate
Zerosport radiator cap


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Verry nice & yes as above color match the mirrors,pillars & rear hatch trim...

joe r

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dereflectored, and painted flat black

I'll be painting the side trim black..and mirrors white soon. Just don't know how soon as I would like to get a AP first....

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Awesome pics! I love how your XT looks.

Did you have any fitment issues with the '08 STi TMIC into your SG Forester? Did you have to bend back the A/C lines? May I ask where you got it?

I'm thinking about going with the 08 STi TMIC with a brand new VF43 turbo I have sitting in storage...
same proceedures as a regular sti top mount. just need a 2" bracket to extend the passenger side bracket out. the intercooler is huge.

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Looks good, now all that's missing is a slightly more aggressive wheel/tire combo... :N_poke:
i'm working on it.

also need a better drop too. I can do only so much since I don't get sponsors. i should have a little more aggressive drop soon, and will also be looking into a few other stuff like brakes and exhaust before wheels.

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I changed up a few things...and here it is...
Apexi intake box and intake

Then I got my front license plate on...

My super bright dome light...Koito LED panel with 24 leds

bad pic of the STI coupler

updated engine shot
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