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MY01 Forester GT 6MT
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Gday everyone my names Jacob and i thought i would introduce my forester.
Ive owned it since early 2011 originally as a dayily drive to get to to my apprenticeship, but as i got qualified a company car came along with it and need for the foz was gone ..... so i turned it into a race wagon!!

Coming up to 8 years on its now sitting at 400kw and gets raced a couple times a month 馃檪

Engine :

Bosch 1650ccs

06 spec c big port heads ..with extra porting and polish

T20c 207 been closed decked

Bc 274/278 avcs cams

Bc hd valve springs

Ferra 6000 1mm oversize valves

Later model spec 207 block

Oil phased 79mm stroke crank

Argo I beam rods

Je 92.5mm forged stroker pistons

Cozzy 1.1 mm head gaskets

Arp 625+ studs

Liberty gt sump

Killer b oil pick up

Killer b baffle plate

Turbo smart 40mm gate

6boost steampipe wrx to t3 twist adaptor

Garrett bb gtx3076 .82 rear with 4in antisurge front housing

Kando el headers

Custom 3" straight thru exhaust with x-force cannon

04 sti manifold with tgv deletes poet matched and manifold pnp

Fmic with custom pipes to suit rotated intake manifold

Driveline/ underbody:

2010 Japanese short ratio 6mt dccd gear box

R180 axles

3:54 r180 plated LSD rear diff

06 sti 114.3 hub conversion

Torsen LSD front diff

V6 Ra quick steering rack

Hsd inverted mono pro coilovers

Gold brembos all round

White line 22 and 24mm sway bars

White line rear control arms

Sti alloy front control arms

V6 sti genuine front strut brace


Full Foz type c sti body kit

5eigen 17x8 +30 wheels

Genuine Gannador mirrors

Dark tint on rear

02 sti style scoop

Custom mesh grill with f badge

Interior :

Omp first R fixed back drivers seat

Sparco fixed back passenger

Turn one hans point harness

Rpm 3" 6 point harness passenger

Weld in half cage

Billet 150mm shifter

Rpm corse steering wheel

Forester sti handbrake

Triple gauge cluster in centre of dash

V6 Ra dash with dccd lights


Link g4+ xtreme

Dccd pro universal gearbox controller

2003 JDM Cross Sports
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Excellent stuff! I used to do tarmac rallying and rally sprints a few years ago now and that footage reminds me of some of the stages I used to run on, except you're going a lot faster!! That said, my Peugeot 205 had 300bhp less and only 2-wheel drive! :wink2:

Interested why you haven't fitted a full roll-cage or is that on the jobs to do list?

MY01 Forester GT 6MT
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Update my forester now has a full 6 point national rally spec safety cage 馃檪


MY01 Forester GT 6MT
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MY01 Forester GT 6MT
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so after nearly 3 years of 500+ hp and many many kms of race use it was past due to pull my engine down for an inspection firstly and then a refresh!! so far I've done the tear down part will drop it off to the engine shop tomorrow for a 2nd opinion and required touch ups in machining :) some pics of findings..
72326500_640177306509818_2731356654862860288_n by jacob ayres

72437365_523353958518146_6203198605365346304_n by jacob ayres

72402876_737850183397714_7430125695017156608_n by jacob ayres, on Flickr

73083644_2249230261855428_2640012364153356288_n by jacob ayres, on Flickr

73079635_442564749715912_6212200852522795008_n by jacob ayres, on Flickr

72546973_443380862951402_4987804679724335104_n by jacob ayres, on Flickr

72726316_2414528162199282_6286795032770904064_n by jacob ayres, on Flickr

72231930_505137546730953_2135156898586951680_n by jacob ayres, on Flickr

72246643_435324626981470_8285575153362927616_n by jacob ayres, on Flickr

72108136_680686542456435_1110746617977241600_n by jacob ayres, on Flickr

MY01 Forester GT 6MT
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Goodies ordered this week , boosted performance parts have hooked me up with new xtreme clutch, intima type D V2 pads, rcm head gaskets, genuine gasket kit, water pump and timing belt kit :)

Long block is with the engine shop for testing and once over of everything then bob (my co driver) and i will reassemble :)
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