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trying to turn the Forester into something that handles like a go kart, goes like a Ferrari and is as refined as a Bentley. So far I haven't succeeded in any area. However I took a leap forward in the refinement stakes the oter day. I had the seats down and the foam floor coverings out when I noticed two big inspection plates just behind the rear seats. Well I had to have a look. Anyway they lead to the noisy outside world but they were such thin tin-can metal (and insulated with the puniest piece of foam ever) that I decided to soundproof them.

I used flashband which in my opinion is more flexible, sticky and thicker than dynamat and such. Anyway big improvement and I was chuffed. I also did the tin domes on top of the rear shocks a while back and that was good but then I have holes cut in them for the shock adjusters.

I'm getting there.
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