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Hello my names Devin and I recently bought my first Subaru and it’s a 2000 forester with 130k on it. Had a vent issue when I got it so it wouldn’t pump gas and cost a lot to fix.(usually do most of work myself) anyways I got a new crossmember and lateral links and bearings and all that good stuff. The car is basically brand new with no rust or leaks or anything. Runs fantastic and everything works great.

I’ve noticed after the car is warmed up for awhile and I’m sitting at a red light or just in park idling the heater vents smell like burning coolant but yet there isn’t any leaks and it hasn’t lost a drop of coolant/no coolant in the oil. Runs at normal temp. Can’t figure it out and don’t want to pay a shop.

Also when I go into reverse it will pause for a second then go in but no pop/noise or anything. Just had it aligned but still has some shake but believe that’s cause I need new tires. And it does steam under the hood for about a 20 minutes when it rains or I wash it but heard that’s normal.

I'm curious if anyone has any info/advice on these small Issues
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