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Hi all, I'm new here. I've perused the forum a bit and haven't found too much specific information about what constitutes a good or great deal on a new 2010 Forester so I'll ask here.

I've looked at a 2010 Forester 2.5X Limited with Opt. Pckg. 1 (I don't really think that's anything but I'm not sure), body side mouldings, splash guards and the auto dimming mirror. I'd also like the cross bars, cargo tray and all weather mats. I think that the MSRP for this vehicle will be around $28,000 so equipped and I'm guessing that the invoice is about $2000 less.

I have a 2005 Outback 2.5i, standard model, with 96,000 miles. I probably could sell it outright but don't really want to be bothered with it and would like the benefit of paying less sales tax if/when I trade it. The KBB wholesale value of my trade is $8600 and the average retail is $13,150.

I've proposed to the salesman that I'd like to make the trade and pay a difference of 15K or less (plus tax and tags). So, I'd actually be paying full MSRP and getting average retail on my trade. If you preferred to look at it a different way, I'd pay invoice for the new car, allow the dealer to keep the holdback and give me a couple thousand (about $2400 actually) more than wholesale on my trade (but still $2150 less than avg. retail).

At the time that I made the offer, the sales manager wasn't in and the salesman told me that he'll make the pitch to him and call me back in the morning. Now, I'm sure that they'll wail and suggest that they'd lose money on the deal but I want to know if the dealership will do it or what profit that they need to make per unit to stay afloat.

From where I'm sitting, they'd get the holdback and I saw on another thread that the holdback on Subies is considerable. They'd also likely make at least a thousand dollars, maybe two, on my trade. For what it's worth, I bought my 2005 from the same dealership and have all the maintenance records, it's quite clean. I'd think that they'd be happy to get the trade. Since they're offering 2.9% on the Forester right now, I'd probably finance through Subaru. I'd think they'll make $2000-3000 on the deal and that's without considering factory to dealer incentives (I have no idea if there are any or not).

Any thoughts or opinions? I'd like to know where I stand because I very well may drive down to the dealer (it's 2 hours away) on Thursday and see what he'll do. If he can't come close, I'll likely buy another manufacturer's vehicle.
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