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This will be my 3rd year with my '05? I love love LOVE this car -- No major repairs needed (knock on wood). My only complaint is cold air coming in from somewhere freezing me. (Yes, I'm a girl.)
A friend said to put petroleum jelly on the rubber door seals, but like you wouldn't do that with a condom, how is this ok for your door's rubbers?
And is there a way to insulate the passenger compartment? My old GMC never got cold instantly if I turned the heat off. This car seems to have 2 settings: way too hot and way too cold. (Shiver-whimper!😞)

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Welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

The Google custom forum search is pretty good. :wink:

You can ask your technical questions here: Technical Forums and Vehicle Assistance

Here's a link to get you started: Solved window wind noise!

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