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I found one for sale locally, and I think new it was about $389 on ORS Racks Direct. Here is the condition description:

"The case is in good shape. There are some minor scuffs on the outside
and a hairline crack near one of the front mounts, but nothing that
affects either the waterproofing or the structure. I always kept a
plank on the floor of the box so that anything heavy near one of the
ends wouldn't put too much pressure on it. The mounts work great, but
one of the the red lock clasps is missing (it still locks down, but I
think it's just there to prevent something inside from knocking it
open – I drove around for two years with it like that and no

The box is about 4 years old."

My conundrum is it's 90 minutes away and I'm not sure if it's big enough for my needs, it's roughly 90"x24"x14".

I have a Thule rack with a bike rail as close to the side rail as possible, and according to my measurements, if I want to have a bike up there with pedals and still be able to open the box, it needs to be about 2 feet wide. Just trying to figure out how much stuff one can cram in these things if they're only 14" tall, as it's only that tall at it's highest point, the edges aren't that high.

I did a search and turned up a few posts about bike rails and cargo boxes next to each other, but some of you guys have really wide rails. I have 32" of useable clamping space, and roughly 7-8" of that is taken up already by the bike rail and bike pedal sticking out on that side.
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