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Iron Grade Of Rotors

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I just purchased a new set of front and rear rotors for my '05 FXT. I bought the R1 Concepts Premium Stock OEQ Blanks.

My question has to do with the "iron grade" of these rotors. I noticed that their "Eline" of rotors is said to be made of G3000 Grade of Iron, while the "Premium" line is made of G3500 Grade of Iron. I'm by no means an expert on what this exactly means, but didn't know if anyone here on the forum could explain this to me. I did a little searching on the net, but couldn't really come up with anything. The G3500 Grade may be better, but in what way.....strength?

FYI...I also bought the Bendix CT-3 Pads for the front and rear. I got a great deal on them at, and Bendix also has a $30 rebate going on til the end of May....couldn't pass it up.
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There's a diffence in minimum tensile strength and hardness between G3000 and G3500...

Classes of Gray Iron
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