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2001 Forester S 4EAT
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Hey everyone,

Just joined and wanted to introduce myself and my Forester. I'm a college student at the moment, and I've wanted a Subaru since I was 16 when my dad had a Legacy Outback that I got to drive occasionally when my car was broken down (which was often), and now at 22 years old, I finally found one.

It is a 2001 Forester S, auto trans. I attached a picture of the "good side" it has minor damage to the passenger side of the hood (The hood is dented, and the fender is a replacement that needs painted). Not a big deal.

I'm hoping to make some modifications to it to make it a little more unique and personalized for my tastes (starting with the on demand 50/50 split mod) but for now, I'm just going to drive it, and enjoy the fuel economy, and the fact that it's super practical all-around.

Looking forward to gaining information!


1 - 6 of 6 Posts