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2007 Forester X
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Hello All. New member to the this site but am an old Subaru lover. Am currently driving an '07 Forester X w/75k miles.

First question: I am looking to do the "safari" look on the 'ol forester. Want to put on a grille guard, tail light guards, and safari rack/basket. For the grille guard I want something similar to the Westin Sportsman KD (]Product]Product Image). I havent been able to find that type of grille guard or the tail light guards for a Forester. Does anyone know where i can look? Since this is mostly for aesthetic purposes, the cheaper the better. I would be able to slightly modify and/or repair something that may not have been made for the Forester but is close enough to work.

Second Question: I haven't done much maintenance since driving it off the lot with 3 miles on it, other than the standard stuff like oil, air filter, and tires. With 75k on it now what are some of the big or major things I should do? Was thinking about spark plugs, brakes, fuel filter, fluids (radiator, transmission, differential). If Im not having any issues, should I worry about things like the timing belt and water pump?

Third Question: I need to replace the gusset seal on the drivers side view mirror. What is the trick to getting that off without damaging anything?

Fourth (and last) Question: There is a steady noise coming from one of the wheels/wheel areas (haven't been able to determine which yet). It is a faily soft, repetitive 'thump' or 'whack' that almost comes across as a rubbing sound. It doesnt sound like metal on metal; braking action does not change the sounds. I am considering it may be a wheel bearing. I know this is vague for a diagnosis, but does anyone have experience with anything similar or is there an easier way to determine the issue without taking it to the dealership and paying for an hour+ of labor?

I apologize for the onslaught of questions right off the bat. Hopefully Im not breaking any rules or standards here.

I look forward to learning more about my car from the wealth of knowledge available here and I also hope I can contribute at least as much as I take.

Happy New Year
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