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I agree, there is work duplication here. The engine is *usually* pulled to do the HG's so there is virtually no additional labor to do the clutch when the engine is already out, only the cost of the parts. You may just be misunderstanding the various quotes he is giving you. I had the HG's and seals done as well as the clutch on ours and the bill was only around 2 grand. An unwelcome bill, of course, but still cheaper than a new car. If you like the Foz and intended to keep it for at least 2 more years then it is worth doing. Keep the receipts as these will add some value to the car when you do eventually sell it as the smart buyers will want to know when the HG's were last replaced. If you were thinking of replacing it soon anyway then yes, now is the time to bail as $2000 spent now in the short term will not net you $2000 worth of added value to the car as a trade or sold privately. You can certainly get to 200,000 on a Subaru (I've done it) but after 150k or so you will start to wear out some things as you are discovering. Being in MA, if your Foz has any rust issues I'd say now is the time to consider replacement, as rust never sleeps and it will get worse. If it's solid...then repairing may be a better option. This is sort of a decision only you can make based on your finances and willingness to go into debt for a newer car.
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