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Hello to All, I'm new to this forum, but have participated in the Challengertalk and Duramaxforum forums in the past.

My wife drives a 2016 XT Premium and we are experiencing an odd behavior in the car. The car is her commuter and I rarely drive the car, but did experience the issue once. Her Forester has just slightly over 60k miles.

A week or so ago, we had the brake light switch recall done. I was driving after we picked up the car and the brake pedal was much more sensitive than when we dropped it off. Later in the drive, in traffic, I was braking for a stop light, I felt a click in the brake pedal, could feel a vibration in the steering wheel and the car pulled slightly to the left. I was thinking on going back to the dealership, but all other stops were normal. We then drove for another 30 miles, went through Canon City and started up the 8 Mile grade. I was cruising at 65 mph and the car started to shudder and have a small amount of steering wheel vibration. We pulled off into a parking area and looked at the tires - all looked to be normally inflated. No further issues on remaining 25 mile drive home.

While coming home from work last nite (about 80 miles), wife said the problem happened again. She said that the vibration started while in cruise at 65 mph, as she was braking for an exit ramp, the vibration stopped. She also recalls that the issue occurred once before (prior to the recall work).

This morning, I lifted the car up and looked around. No play in wheel bearings, suspension bushings look good - no play, calipers are tight on the spindles, half-shafts have no significant play, just nothing going on under there to explain the issue.

So over about 500 miles the issue has appeared three times and then went away. Could there be something with the AWD system? At this rate, the dealership will not be able to reproduce the problem.

Any one have any ideas?

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