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I have two intermittent problems in a 2000 Forester with AT. By "intermittent," I mean this happens perhaps once a year, but it is scary when it does. Problem has been around for about the last four years.

I'll describe the hard shift problem here and the other problem separately.

Dealer and independent mechanics have looked at the car and found nothing wrong.

Normally, we drive in town, at modest speeds. The car is often not on a freeway for three to six months at a time. Each time this hard shift problem has been seen, it has been after an extended drive on the interstate after not having been driven at high speeds for some months.

Saturday, we drove about 100 miles about 75mph on cruise control all the way. When decelerating and braking only lightly, the car downshifted late and with an enormous CLUNK that seemed to shake the car. Picking up speed later, upshifts were similarly late and extremely loud. In one instance I watched the tach and saw the rpm drop from over 3000 rpm to 1500 (or so) in an instant at the same time the hard shift occurred.

After leaving the car sit for a couple hours, no further shifting problems occurred.

This problem has occurred driving both in warm weather (85 degrees) and below freezing (25 degrees).

The shift is so hard that it sounds like something disastrous is about to happen. But so far it's been just a shift problem.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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