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interior buttons - not sure what some do?

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Recently bought a 2001 Subaru Forester---S Not sure what sonme of the buttons do.

---on the lower left there are 4 spots for buttons/switches----
3 are there, 1 never installed---Left for fog light, mid looks like a windshield with possible heat arows, right cruise, far right--nothing

so what is the mid one for that looks like a windshield?

-----I noticed the side mirrors have heated symbol in corner,,,,Where do I turn these on? Could it have been for the 4'th unused
space from above. Could it be possible they installd the heated mirrors, but no switch?

I'll probably come up with more, but for now that is all....Thanks for any reply---Bob
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Sounds like the middle button showing a windshield with heat arrows is probably your rear window defrost. If you've got side mirror defrosters, I believe they should come on with the rear window.

This is assuming that the rear window defroster button isn't part of the HVAC controls. If it is, then that button is probably for the mirrors.
Thanks Vogon.....I am sure tomorrow will be foggy where I am and so I will try it out---Bob
As far as that fourth unused button slot, I think the dash was shared across the entire Impreza/Forester line. I've seen headlight leveling, headlight washer control switches, or intercooler water spray buttons in those four spots.
Middle button is heated windshield / mirrors button. The rear defrost is center right below the dash cubby next to the hazard switch.
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