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Hi All,
While on an epic road trip, I broke down at the top of Mount Mitchell and had to be towed down to Asheville to an unfamiliar garage. They replaced my front passenger CV axle at the tail end of the day on Friday and rushed the job. There was much hammering mostly because of the 2" ADF lift and them not disconnecting the front sway to make the job easier.

Anyhow I got back on the road, fully laden with ~500lb of gear and noticed a new mild shudder between 18mph and 24mph, only under load, and most prevalent while going up hill.

2000 miles later I finally got a shop night and pulled and replaced the new CV with another new one, and the shudder is less pronounced, but still there.

My mentor mechanic who helps me with this stuff theorizes that there is probably and in-diff axle race/bushing that might have gotten damaged when they forced the CV in, but he's a euro guy and hasn't ever been inside the front diff of a Subie 4EAT.

Any advice?

I also noticed that while idling in drive on the lift, the whole front drive system (engine, trans, etc) has a distinct "flop" once per revolution if you stop the other wheel and allow the wheel on the new CV to rotate. This flop disappears completely if you stop the new-CV side wheel and let the driver wheel spin freely.
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