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Interested in 4th gen ('12-'18) information

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Hey guys

As a disclaimer, I do not own a Forester. I put car reviews on YouTube (small channel, ~1k subs) and am currently working on a video of my uncle's new 2018 2.5 base model. I try to go in-depth with technical information including any historical/business/engineering background that helps contextualize the car and typically the owners are the best sources for that sort of information.

My impressions of the car are that it is refreshingly raw and it embodies what Japanese cars orginally stood for when they came to the U.S. It is not bloated, or overweight, or decadent. It is simple, efficient, and well engineered. The interior is a little tinny and plasticky but tastefully designed with great ergonomics. What I really like is the visibility and the low beltline. The way you can actually see out of this car feels very un-modern in a good way. It handles nicely in routine maneuvering--you get the impression that you could place the car neatly and easily inside of a Forester-sized chalk outline in the asphalt. Exterior looks are a little generic and soft in my opinion.

As for my background I am a Japanese car guy, generally speaking. My daily is an LS400 and I have a 1985 Toyota Cressida which has been with me for quite a while. For about 2 years 2015-2017 I had an FR-S so I have some familiarity with Subaru hardware.

Any thoughts or insights about the 4th generation Forester would be welcomed, as well as any sources of in-depth technical information. I apologize if this is considered an annoyance or misuse of the forum!
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@Duke Proper welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

You can post your YouTube video here: Videos :wink:

This website has lots of good Subaru information:


['07 FSXT MODding Journal] ['03 X MODding Journal]
Thanks! Was not aware of that website. Lots of good stuff on there. I see that the 4th generation didn't make it to the US until the 2014 model year.
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