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Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. Looks like there is a lot of great info. I have a question about steering wheel controls. Unfortunately most of the threads about them were talking about aftermarket stereos etc. My question is (hopefully) simpler:

I want to purchase a 2009 Forester base model, and would like to install the stock steering wheel controls that are on the left branch of the column (I would attach a pic but apparently newbies can't!).

I was wondering whether this is something I can do myself (I'm an electrical engineer, but not too experienced on doing car mods) or whether I should have the dealer do it. Could I find the parts? Does it involve lots of disassembly? Etc.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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Adding OEM Audio SWC pod to recent Forester and Imprezas

(Click for larger image. Photo by Cerreta)​

Disconnect the negative terminal from your car's battery for 20 minutes (or longer, if specified by the shop manual), to allow the stored power to drain from the airbag system.

Here's where Cerreta's walk-through starts (in the thread TC2000 linked to above):
Subio the 2009 Forester 2.5x with Upgrades Galore (post #61)
BTW, Seek Down is 1.15 K ohms (not 1.15 ohms) :rolleyes:
Several more links & pictures:

A great walk-thru on
FordNoMore on added the audio button panel to his 2008 WRX (this is the thread that Cerreta quoted):

Transplant into a 2006 FXT:

2009 WRX/STI wheel into 2009 Forester (also 2010 WRX wheel into 2011 Forester). The OP already had the audio SWCs on his Forester, but the new wheel doesn't include any of the SWCs, airbag, or plastic trim pieces, so he had to transplant all of the "guts" from his original wheel). Great pics:

Variation that requires special screwdriver and/or awkward reach into back of wheel:

Great, detailed pictures:

Here's an older thread on ScoobyMods. Different wheel, but has some good tips and nice annotated pictures:
Another how-to in a thread on
08 Legacy Limited steering wheel upgrade (post #121). Pictures of the two styles of wheels are back in post #5 of that thread.
Yet another thread on (for 2005-2007 Legacy/Outback):

I made a few more comments in this thread on NASIOC:

Tip: If you leave the nut on (just loosened) initially, the wheel won't pop off and tear out the wiring.

Subaru part number 83154AG001 was mentioned in the MP3car thread (as well as another I found on NASIOC) for the audio+cruise button panel kit. That same part number is used on Impreza, Forester, Legacy/Liberty, and Outback over several years (generally 2008 and later). See here for a cross-reference. Dates are manu. dates, not necessarily model years.

(click for larger image)​

The OEM button kit is available from several online discount Subaru parts sellers. Price around $95 plus shipping.
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