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2014 Forester XT Premium CVT
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I've been driving a 2009 Legacy since new and found over the years that some of the dealer installed options, or miscellaneous parts from other cars, can be easily installed at home.

I was curious if anyone had noticed the same for the 2014 Forester (I'm most interested in the XT but I suspect there's some cross compatibility with the 2.5i).

For example, I took a nice leather wrapped steering wheel from an outback and installed it in place of my plastic wheel. I also learned that if you had the 6 disk changer head unit, you could buy the steering wheel controls that came on some of the better trim levels and install them, plug and play. The wiring for the fog lights and the light controls in the cockpit were there so the fog lights were plug and play.

I might like to have some options like the rear view mirror with garage door controls but if I can buy it online for half the price and install it myself in 10 minutes, I'd prefer that. I'm also curious what other options I might be able to add after purchase.
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