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2009 Forester XT Auto
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So the install went relatively easy(for 5 year rusted exhaust bolts anyway).

Tried impacting it first thinking I may get lucky, then realized I was out of PB Blaster. So I said I'll cut it, I bought new bolts anyway. Couldn't find my 1/4" die grinder so we had to use a bigger size cutoff wheel, then the sawzall, then some more grinder. The worst was laying on my back trying to get leverage.

Needless to say it was a pain but not as bad as I thought. I did nick up the heat shield and the flange on the midpipe but as far as I can tell it doesn't leak at all.

I also in my stupidity cut into the shield for the driveshaft a tiny bit as well.

I'm impressed with the sound, louder than I thought although I have no resonator so that is probably why. My stock resonator was rattling to death so I had Midas weld in a straight pipe a long ways back.

Now I forgot to order Kartboy hangers so it is really up there with the stock ones now. I know you need 2 for the front but what about the back hanger? Is it even needed? Considering where it sits on the STI I can't see using without dropping the exhaust and welding it to a new spot. Then again I can't see an issue just using the front 2 either.

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