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Inherited 2004/67k miles Fozzie (U.K)

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Ello all, I’m here because I’ve just got a 2.5xt of my Dad, he had it 12 years and only did about 1,500 miles a year. Looked after it well and when my 170k diesel Mondy finally sputtered it was perfect timing to step up to the Forester. So far the thirst problems don’t seem too bad but I can see points arriving on my licence soon if I don’t learn to use the auto box properly. It’s a mighty beast waiting to be unleashed at the press of a throttle!!! Great fun to drive and if the snowmegadon we’re promised turns up this winter I’ll have even more fun.
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Welcome and enjoy the car! Make sure it is up on service - for time (but not miles) you are well beyond the recommended timing belt replacement (with all the bits).
@Grumpie welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:
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