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From page 8-21 of my owner's manual:

Never tow a trailer when the temporary
spare tire is used. The temporary
spare tire is not designed to
sustain the towing load. Use of the
temporary spare tire when towing
can result in failure of the spare tire
and/or less stability of the vehicle.
If you carry a regular size spare tire in your
vehicle or trailer as a precaution against
getting a flat tire, be sure that the spare
tire is firmly secured.
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Yeah, if you're going to tow you really need to carry a full size spare. Strange to me that Subaru puts a full size spare in its new vehicles in many countries...but not in the States. We get the donut. My salesguy told me all about the towing capacity of the Forester, but never mentioned that the spare would be useless for towing...and I never thought about it until after I'd bought the vehicle. Sheesh...
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